Who We are

CMD is an Italian company that designs, develops, and manufactures FNM engines. It is a close partner of FIAT and applies FIAT's cutting-edge technology and expertise in the marine engine manufacturing sector.

CMD believes in the principles of diesel propulsion and invests in them, much like a few other marine engine production companies, as it exclusively produces diesel engines.

Thanks to the very high-quality standards it applies in its production process, CMD is the world's first company to obtain a license to produce marine engines based on Fiat Powertrain Technologies, technology used in all vehicles of the group.

In CMD's 6,000-square-meter factory in Atella, Italy, its experienced and highly specialized engineers design FNM diesel engines with an innovative spirit. They predict their behavior and anticipate future problems with the help of advanced digital design and simulation programs. Additionally, CMD closely collaborates with one of Italy's largest universities for research and development programs and works with other major research centers in Italy and abroad.

CMD's research and production process is also enhanced by an extensive database that records the history of each FNM diesel engine from its first operation for a period of ten years.

CMD collaborates closely with the Italian Air Force, producing a special category of very small and extremely light titanium diesel engines for small remote-controlled aircraft used for military purposes. The reason the Italian Air Force chose CMD for this project is the high-quality specifications of CMD's production process, possession of advanced technology, and the ability to manufacture small and lightweight diesel engines.

CMD's philosophy can be expressed in three words: study, innovation, flexibility. Thanks to this philosophy and its commitment to very high-quality standards, CMD has earned QS 9000 and ISO 9001 certifications. 

Thanks to CMD's manufacturing philosophy, FNM engines won the world endurance championship for two consecutive years 2006-2007. In Greece and Cyprus, FNM engines are distributed and technically supported by FNM Marine Diesel, the official representative of CMD-FNM's global network of partners.